Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects

Domestic violence can be present in anyone’s relationship; it is not limited by economic status, age, race, education level, or even sexual preference. This phenomenon cuts across all societal divisions and is equally damaging wherever it occurs.

What Causes Domestic Violence?
Control and domination are the essence of this phenomenon. Abusers often claim that they love their partners so intensely that their emotions – and behaviors – spiral out of control, but abuse is not an expression of love. Some factors that increase the likelihood that a relationship will become abusive are:
• Family history of abuse
• Low self-esteem (in both the abuser and the victim)
• A belief that others are objects to be exploited to meet one’s needs
• A previous history of solving problems with violence
• Substance abuse

What Are the Effects of Domestic Violence?
Abusive relationships are always harmful. While it may feel wonderful when the abuser repents and apologizes, a repeated pattern of abuse is always a sign of a troubled relationship. This can have many devastating effects on the victim:
• Depression
• Sleep disruption
• Anxiety
• Inability to trust others
• Disrupted relationships with loved ones, including children
• Substance abuse
• Work problems
• Injury or death if the abuse continues

Effect on Children
It is particularly destructive for children to witness violence and abuse between their parents. Children who experience this dynamic are:
• more likely to engage in substance abuse
• at increased risk for depression and suicide
• more likely to end up in abusive relationships as adults
• more prone to using violence as a way to solve problems

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